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Where Badesi is?

“This land resembles no other place” (ref. D.H. Lawrence – poet and English dramatist from the beginning of the XXth century).

Badesi is located in northern extremity of Gallura (Gaddùra in the language of Galllura, Caddùra in Sardinian), it consists of the north-east area of Sardinia.
Gallura offers to the visitor the best combination between climate and environment, landscape and history, cooking, folklore and handicraft of the whole Sardinia, a perfect alchemy between country, seaside, antique traditions and unique food and wine itineraries.
The inner part of Gallura is charming, with magnificent gentle hills, the scent of arbutus, mastic, myrtle and, skilfully spread here and there, rustic and precious “stazzis” (antique shepherd residences made of granite and juniper) who enrich the turistical itineraries of Gallura through age-old olive groves and verdant vineyards, cork oak woods and typical granitic rocks.

And that’s not all… It is enough to take a few kilometres to reach the varied and enchanting coast, meritly inserted in the top destinations of international turism, thanks to the stunning nuances of the sea, the endless white sandy beaches (with facilities and frequented by jet-set or wild and beaten by the northern winds) and the small quartz coves that alternate with major islands, granite formations and small fjords.

How to reach Badesi

From Olbia, Airport “Costa Smeralda” and harbour “Isola Bianca”:
Take the SP 127 towards Tempio Pausania, then Aggius, Trinità d’Agultu and finally Badesi; The distance is about 80 km with a running time of about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

From the Civic Harbour Porto Torres: :
take the SP 81 towards Castelsardo and then Santa Teresa di Gallura towards Badesi;;
The distance is about 50 km with a running time of about 50 minutes.

From the airport Alghero Fertilia “Riviera del Corallo”: :
take the SP 44 towards Sassari, then the SS291 and afterwards the variant “- var della Nurra” with exit Porto Torres. Follow the variant of Mascari towards S. Orsola and then take the SS60 towards Sorso. Then diversion towards SP49, SS200 and finally SP90 towards Badesi;
The distance is about 80 km with a running time of about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

From Cagliari, airport “Elmas” and harbour:
take the E25/SS131 “Carlo Felice” towards Sassari/Nuoro/Oristano/Olbia. Take the exit towards Florinas/Ploaghe/Tempio P./Olbia and take the SP 78, then the SS672 “Sassari-Tempio” with exit to Perfugas/Erula towards the SP2. At the junction with the SS127 take the SP92 towards Perfugas/Valledoria until S. Maria Coghinas and finally take the SP 90 towards Badesi.
The distance is about 240 km with a running time of about 2 hours and 40 minutes.

What is the best time?

Gallura is characterized by a predominantly Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and generally mild winters, more rigid in the inland area and the Limbara mount and is therefore attractive for tourism at any period of the year, due to the multiple reasons of interest, present in the hinterland and the coast as well.

In the summertime the suggestive beaches and the Caribbean sea are the main pole of attraction, during the rest of the year a wide variety of proposals are offered, from excursions (hiking, biking or horseback riding) to sailing sports (surf, kite surf, sailing) and underwater sports, adding to artisan/traditional events and food and wine itineraries also– why not? – thermal tourism to complete a high quality tourism offer which aims at well-being and psychophysical body care.

Culinary Tradition and Finest Wines

Gallura to table

The tourism excellence of Gallura is also represented by its gastronomy, with products of the territory and local production wines. The zuppa Gallurese – soup of Gallura (o Suppa cuata) is the most famous dish (stale bread, broth and fresh cow cheese) with the very original puligioni, (ricotta ravioli with sauce) with a slightly sweet stuffing. The chiusoni of Gallura are small gnocchis made of semolina and water, whilst the caju furriatu is an antique dish, a soup made of stubborn semolina, fresh cream and fresh cow cheese. The typical pane carasau can’t be missed, as well as different kinds of meat and cheese that are mostly cow and goat cheeses – to deny a Sardinia made of sheeps.

Gallura is known to be the land of Vermentino di Gallura, that got the DOCG (designation of guaranteed origin) in 1996, unique appellation in Sardinia, which regulates the production of this variety of wine within well-defined districts of this area. Other vineyards typical of this region are the Moscato di Tempio end, among others, the Nebbiolo di Luras. The enthusiasts cannot miss the visit of the Museo del Vino – Enoteca Regionale di Berchidda (Wine MuseumRegional Wine Cellar of Berchidda) that brings forward important initiatives for the valorisation of the product also abroad.